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Deliverance - Zach's Story

Zach was not raised in a religious family. He finally went to Sunday school when he was in early elementary school. He learned the song “Jesus Loves Me "and about Adam and Eve, but he did not really understand what it was all about. Zach went to church on Sunday and Wednesday. It was fun, but again, he still did not really understand what it was all about.

One night at the bowling alley where Zach worked, a man came in telling everyone excitedly “I found Jesus Christ!” Zach wanted the same surety and enthusiasm that man had. Later on, Zach would watch a faith based show on TV after work. He learned a lot and wanted to know more for himself. He took out his Bible and started reading. He became a believer and asked Jesus to come into his heart. After about a year, in Zach’s words, he fell back into his vices and did sinful pleasure-seeking things.

But, Zach is about to experience God’s love and perfect timing that revives his heart to have that enthusiasm and surety that Zach wanted:

Zach's revival.

In his late 40’s when COVID was just starting, he learned that a church in Mississippi had just been burned. Being a carpenter Zach wanted to help. His car was packed to go and help, but the pull for him to stay in his old lifestyle seemed so strong. It took every ounce of will in him and God’s grace to leave to go and help the church. He would soon find out the sheer wonder of timing that God had in store. Zach shares in his words below.

I had my bags packed and plenty of money to stay in the hotels all weekend long and to go to restaurants. My car was in the carport warming up. I almost didn’t get in and almost just sat down and started, you know, smoking and drinking bourbon all over again. But I didn't. I got in the car, and I left and went up to Holly Springs. It had to be the Lord, because Lucifer had me by the wrist and was wanting me to sit down to my vices - which I had been doing for years. My habits. I get there, and it is a little before noon but there is nobody there that I thought would be there. I expected a whole crew cleaning up and stuff like that, and it’s just a burned-out shell. Like a brick wall on one side. I get out and start walking around. They have yellow tape around it, this is a line, do not cross and walk around. On the front pavement in the parking lot is a painted place. It says: “YOU WILL STAY HOME NOW HYPOCRITES” and off to the right of it was a spray-painted symbol of a group that has been outwardly against God.

About this time, I started thinking about googling for nearby place to return to my habits. I didn’t want to go to the hotel room yet - right then a vehicle pulled up and this guy got out and we greeted each other. I asked him, “Is this your church? Do you fellowship here?” “No,” he said, “I saw this on the news and the Lord spoke to my heart, and I drove down from West Virginia.” We introduced ourselves. I found out later that it was a 17-hour drive for him to come down and not really knowing why. The Lord just spoke to his heart and he drove. I was about to realize that God had planned the timing of our meeting.

He had talked to the pastor of the burned church, but the pastor wasn’t in town. The pastor told him where the keys were to the shed and where all the chairs were, so he decided he would have a parking lot service that night. So, I said “great”, and he went to Walmart and got some signage. The first thing he wrote on the sign was “REVIVAL”. Then he writes the time on it. He set the sign up next to the mailbox and walked back and asked would I like to walk and pray with him, and I said “sure”. He got out his Bible and a bottle of olive oil, and he started walking around the parking lot - then the Spirit of the Lord grabbed me. By the time we make the circle back around I’m about to break down and cry and I get down on my knees and I start praying hard and the other man is praying too.

Later we have a short service with a pulpit built out of tires. He has his microphone stand stuck in the middle of it and is playing a guitar and he preaches. There are maybe 10 people milling around and one of the church members walks up to me and says, “Hey, I don’t know you but the Lord spoke to me and asked me to invite you to stay at my house tonight.”

Zach continued his journey by the Spirit of the Lord and heard a sermon on Jesus leaving the 99 sheep to save the one. He knew that is what the Lord did for him. He eventually found a church where he felt he belonged and continues his journey today.

After Zach shared his story, I thanked him. He said, "Praise the Lord" . He hopes it will inspire somebody or give somebody hope. The ones destitute and who feel alone. The ones who feel like they can't get out of the dead end spinning their wheels in life.

I felt that God put on my heart to ask Zach to pray, and he prayed this over us:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord I just thank you for my life, and through Jesus Christ Lord ,I thank you for the second chance at life that you've offered each and every one of us. Lord I just pray today that this message will reach somebody, will touch somebody, will build up and fortify them or strengthen them, or give them hope, that this message Lord will speak to them and will tell them that they are not too far gone, that their soul is worth saving, that their life is worth living. That they've got joy to experience in their heart Lord, and I just pray that you will be with them, that they seek your word, that they will humble themselves, that they will learn your truth, and that they will be lights for other people to come to your salvation. These things I pray in your son Jesus Christ's name, Amen.


John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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