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The Other Side of Obedience

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Grace shares: I had started going to a Messianic Church, because I felt like the Holy Spirit was leading me that way. I had prayed about it. I had wanted a Star of David for Christmas; I had asked my husband to buy me a Star of David. When I started to the Messianic Church, the minister's wife, the Rabbi's wife, handed me a little box. When I opened it up, it had a gold Star of David in it. So, I knew I was where God wanted me to be. I learned about the Jewish roots of Jesus. I left that visit to the church with wonderful music and ordered many CDs. They had Messianic Music on them that was absolutely beautiful. It was in Hebrew.

We lived in a Mississippi small town at the time. I would go by this church in my town on my way home from the Messianic Church every weekend. Each time I passed by, I would get the unction to make a copy of this Messianic CD and give it to the preacher. I kept arguing with God about it, because the preacher did not know me and I did not know Him. For a couple of months, I just argued with God about it.

One night, on my way home from church, I had made a copy of the CD, and I had it in the car. I just ran the car up his driveway, went to his door, knocked down it, shoved it in his hand, and told him, God told me to give you this. I turned around and practically ran to my car. On the way home, I started laughing. I told God, I said, just once, I would like to know why you have me do these things. For another strange reason, when I got home, I felt that I needed to tell my husband about it. I told him what had been going on and what I did.

A little over a year later, someone in my husband’s family died. The funeral was at a church which was several hours away from where we lived. We drove out there, and we sat on the front pew. There was this man in a suit, he knelt down in front of me and took my hands and he said, “You’re the sweet little lady that gave me that CD. I want you to know how much that CD has blessed everyone in the church”. He said that they called in people from New York, and they had a Passover Seder that blessed everybody. They learned about the Jewish roots of Jesus. I almost fainted. I was glad I was sitting down. But God works that way. And if you ask him, He'll let you know. My husband was sitting right next to me. He was a witness to what happened, so it blessed him too.

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