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Surprised by a Blessing

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Monica shares: A few years ago, a sweet lady from my church, needed to sell her car as she was no longer able to drive. She knew I had a teen and wanted us to have the car. It only had 25,000 miles on it, and she only wanted $2,500 for the car. Wow! What a deal! What a Blessing!

This car was supposed to take my son through his last year of high school and four years at college. Unfortunately, the car perished with a blown head gasket. Two local mechanics said they would not try to rebuild the engine since it is a make that is no longer built and parts are hard to come by. They suggested I sell it for salvage. I listed it on Craigslist for $500 firm, cash only. I had no more funds saved for another vehicle, so the $500 would start a new savings plan.

Months passed. I received about 5 offers of $300 for the car. I really struggled with this, asking the Lord -- Should I sell it for $300? Am I being greedy wanting $500? Is there someone who might be Blessed by the car but hasn't shown up yet? Over and over, I just had the sense He was telling me, "This isn't the one." So, I waited and waited some more.

Two days before my listing expired and would be removed from Craiglist, I received a call. A man wanted the car and had $500 cash for me. Praise the Lord! My prayers have been answered! Thank You, God for answering my prayer. Please bless this person abundantly. I was elated!!!!! As my son and the new owner loaded the car on his trailer, I visited with the man's wife. They live in a small Mississippi town about an hour away. She simply said, "He loves to work on cars. So he looks for good cars that are for sale cheap to rebuild and gift to someone in need." I was floored by the beauty of their outlook. "God has blessed us. This is one way we can help others." I had no doubt that I was in the presence of true believers, who are obedient to the will of the Father.

We parted ways. I began praying for them, and for the person who would receive their tremendous GIFT of a car this man would restore with his own hands. I offered many praises of thanksgiving to God for guiding me to patiently wait for the right person to come forward and buy the car, and for the money we had received to begin saving for another car for my son.

The next day, that couple called me and said they had been praying to God that He would reveal who might need this car. She said, "The Lord clearly put on my heart that we needed to gift this car back to your son. We just want him to enjoy the car and to be happy." I still cry every time I tell this story. They even refused my giving back the $500. This is their discipleship! I am deeply Blessed, deeply moved, deeply humbled by this act of incredible, humble generosity.

Thank You, Lord for teaching me, and for showing Your unfathomable love & mercy, Your infinite generosity, and Your unmistakable presence in my life and in this couple! Thank You for using us for Your good! May I go forward a more generous, more humble, more faithful servant. I pray you all are also Blessed by this testimony! May we all come to know so clearly that Our Lord is with us, in us, and among us all!!!

~ Monica

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