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God is Always There

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

I was brought up in church. I can’t recall a time when I didn’t truly believe in Jesus. As I grew up there were periods where I strayed away from God. But I never completely turned my back on Him. He wouldn’t let me! The Holy Spirit was always there gently calling me back. In hindsight, I see clearly how God protected me. There were several times that could have been disastrous, but never went that far and I know it’s because of His protection.

As I’ve seen my husband grow in his faith, it has helped me to see things in a different and new way. God has blessed us again and again in so many ways, some big and some small. Very recently, I woke up feeling listless and slightly depressed. This was during the coronavirus lockdown which had been going on for almost two months. I was praying a novena, a nine day prayer, this one to the Holy Spirit. Every day during the novena is a prayer for a gift of the Holy Spirit. This day the prayer was for Joy. I wasn’t feeling very joyful but vowed to try. My husband suggested we go for a walk in a nearby nature trail. At first I resisted but grudgingly gave in. What a glorious gift that turned out to be! To be in nature and see all the gifts God has given us was enough to make me grateful and joyful. Followed by a drive with the top down on our VW Beetle convertible and then lunch at a restaurant that was reopened where we were the only sit down customers, the day turned out to be so uplifting.

I can trace back in my life things that seemed to be bad and led to good outcomes so many times, such as the loss of a job that led to a better one. I am so grateful for my faith. I can’t imagine going through tough times such as the loss of my mother and the sudden loss of my younger brother last year if I didn’t have my faith in God to rely on. His love and mercy have seen me through my life with all its ups and downs. He has brought me through so much that now, when things don’t go as I hoped, I know I can trust that He is in control. He’s given me countless blessings and I could go on and on. All He ever asks of me is to believe in Him and love Him. How could I not?

- Debbie

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