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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Grace shares: I was at a very low place in my life and very upset. Depressed. I remember gazing out of my window and crying. I just thought, Jesus, I wish I knew you better.

I had to go to a couple's house that night who were starting a church in their home. I put on a red blouse and a red skirt that matched. I got in my car and cranked it. I started crying again. I said, "Lord, do you hear me and do you forgive me for all the things I've done? By the way, I don't understand the story of Job at all. It is so bad."

I drove to the house, got out, went in and sat down. They had a pastor from another congregation to teach that night. He started pacing back and forth behind the little podium. He walked up to their pulpit and said, "I argued with God all the way here. I hate to teach on this, but I have to teach on Job tonight."

Needless to say, I was glued to my chair. So he commenced to explaining how Job was in a low place in his life, which was probably by far a worse place than I was in, and how God had given him back so much more after all the trials. So I felt a lot better about Job, great! Then he pointed to me. He said would the lady in red please come forward. I walked up to the front and stood there. He walked up to me and put his hand on my forehead and said, "God hears you, and He says to tell you He forgives you and He loves you." He said a few more things that I can't remember, because those were the most important words to me.

I tested this again later on, and God answered me again. I won't tell you the circumstances, but trust me, He does hear you!


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